Due to large numebr of institutes in wish to co-organize with the 4th Youth World Cup Live Painting Competition, the Chinese Organizing Committee has listed the offically contracted organizers for the contestants to see and to protect their rights. 

Official List of Co-organizers of the Chinese Organizing Committee 


1. CNNCY (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd. 

2. Beijing SmartArt

3. Eduventures Educational Services Limited

4. Dalian Joyous Education Consulting Co.,LTD.  

5. Foshan Niubang Education Consulting Co.,LTD.

6. The Organizing Committee of Wanmei Youth Calligraphy&Arts Competition - Wanjia Arts Culture and Communication Co.,LTD.

7. Canada Maple Bear Pre-School

8. MiLu International Culture Communication Center

9. North America Legend Int’L Culture Exchange Centre LTD.

10. FYY International Visual Arts Centre for Youth

11. Beijing SiMaTe Culture Communication LTD.

12. Xi’an Quying Culture & Media Co.,Ltd

13. SiChuan AiKang Education Center

14. Giant Education Consulting Co. Ltd.

15. LehuiYiwo Art Training School of Yingkou
16. Dalian Qiandai Art Education 


*Please note that the organizers above are not listed in any particular order


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